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Lynne Curtin Joins the Cast of “Real Housewives of O.C.”

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We all know that one housewife will be leaving on this Tuesday’s episode (December 9) of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, but who will be filling the void after the mystery housewife is gone?  The answer is Lynne Curtin, a “sexy, stay-at-home mother of two teenage girls.”  She is also a former gymnast, does not like to say no to her children and has a “strong jaw.”  Curtin and her husband, Frank, will be making their “housewives” debut in the December 16 episode. 

Here’s more information about Curtin.

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The toned and tanned Lynne Curtin, a sexy, stay-at-home mother of two teenage girls, joins the cast of Bravo’s hit docu-series “The Real Housewives of Orange County” in a new episode airing Tuesday, December 16 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson and Jeana Keough are still rattled over meeting blonde bombshell Gretchen Rossi. But tensions escalate even more when the newest housewife, Lynne Curtin, attempts to join the clique. Lynne and her husband of over 18 years, Frank, are happily married and own a beautiful seaside home in Laguna Beach, Calif., where they enjoy every minute of their active Southern California lifestyle. A former gymnast, Lynne is an avid surfer, runner, horseback rider and kick-boxer – and she has the toned body to prove it. Lynne does her best to keep control of her outspoken teenage girls – Raquel, 18, and Alexa, 16 – but her desire to be a friend to them often interferes with her lackluster disciplinary efforts. Lynne’s laid-back philosophy on life flows into her lax parenting style: “I want to be the cool mom… I don’t want to say no.”

Meanwhile old friendships are becoming strained with the other housewives as a rift begins to form between longtime friends and neighbors, Jeana and Vicki. Jeana defends Vicki’s ex-husband, prompting Vicki to yell, “Don’t you dare defend him. He never gave me a dollar in child support or helped me a minute.” Jeana feels differently: “I always felt Vicki took the children by moving from Chicago, and how could he be a good father when she took them to California.”


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Which Housewife Do You Think is Leaving “Real Housewives of OC”?

I watched last night’s episode of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” and I was surprised (and VERY disappointed) to hear from next week’s preview that one of them is going to be leaving the show!  First, I’m going to break down why each of the housewives may leave the show, and then share my personal prediction.

  • Vicki Gunvalson:  She has been having marital problems with Don since season 3 and it has seeped into this season as well.  She may be leave the show to focus on her marriage or growing empire within the insurance industry.
  • Jeana Keough:  Her career as a real estate agent is steady, but she is legally separated from Matt Keough and may be ready for a brand new start – sans “The Real Housewives.”
  • Tammy Barney:  The least likely of the 5 to leave, being that she is still considerably new to the series and her real estate career is also steady.  She may leave to focus on helping her husband, Simon, with his new business venture.
  • Lauri Peterson:  Lauri (one of the original three “housewives” remaining on the show) has been clearly exasperated with blending families and raising 7 children.  She appears to be happy with her cushy new lifestyle with George and does not seem to have it in her anymore to be on the show.
  • Gretchen Rossi:  She is “The New Girl” and has stolen the title of “Gold Digger” from Lauri Peterson (if you watched last night’s episode, it came from Lauri’s own mouth!).  Her fiancee, Jeff Beitzel, passed away in September, so the question is this:  Will she remain on the show, or leave right away to mourn his death?

My prediction for who is leaving the show next week: Lauri Peterson!  I really hate to say it, but I don’t think that she has the enthusiasm for it anymore.  Her whole existence centers around George now, and she seems eager to say good-bye to the series.  She seems more private now and her family-focus may not be newsworthy…  IF she leaves the series (as I suspect she is), what will become of Ashley’s fledgling skincare line?  If she is the “face” and there is no reason for her to be covered on “Real Housewives” anymore, how will they promote it?

Update (12/10):  As you probably already know, the mystery housewife WAS Lauri after all.  I didn’t want to see her go, but I understand her reasons for departing.

Also, Brittany (see comment below) wisely pointed out that Tamra quit her job as a real estate agent to become a stay-at-home mom.  It is in her bio on the website.  Thank you for pointing that out!  She hasn’t mentioned that on the show (yet).

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